Aci Trezza Sicily: Sea Stacks And Maritime Myths

Salty sea breezes and sun-kissed afternoons marked the end of summer when I found myself captivated by a Sicilian town that embodies authentic culture, echoing ancient myths and maritime tales of families entrenched in seaside living. Aci Trezza, with its quaint charm, drew me in, and every moment was a treasure as I aimed to capture its vibes, colors, and evocative sensations through my photography.

Coastal Landscapes and Legends

aci trezza sicily
The Faraglioni of Aci Trezza

History and Culture

Aci Trezza is a town on the eastern coast of Sicily, nestled at the base of Mount Etna in close proximity to Catania, with a population of around 5000 residents. This picturesque fishing village is renowned for its Sea Stacks, known as “Faraglioni” in Italian. According to legend, these rock formations were hurled into the sea by the Cyclops in Homer’s epic saga, “The Odissey“, adding a fascinating mythical touch to the coastal landscape of Aci Trezza.

The town holds a rich maritime heritage, preserving a legacy of enduring traditions. While strolling along the promenade, the sight of the faraglioni evoked memories in my mind about Giovanni Verga’s literary masterpiece, “The House by the Medlar Tree“, which draws inspiration from the town’s life and places.

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The Aci Trezza sea stacks are visible from the Norman castle in the adjacent town of Aci Castello.

Authentic Spirit

While spending time in Aci Trezza, an unmistakable sense of authenticity enveloped me. It wasn’t solely due to the absence of commercial tourist traps, but also the alluring scents, delicious cuisine, and the charming Sicilian kiosk culture. The seltz, a revitalizing drink made from freshly squeezed lemons, became my perfect companion throughout my explorations in the area.

Quiet Fishing Charm

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Aci Trezza, situated in closed proximity to Mount Etna, boasts a captivating geological makeup. The landscape showcases a unique texture adorned with lava stones, a feature vividly captured in the photographs I’ve taken. Exploring the area and its quaint docking port has been profoundly inspiring for me. I believe this environment holds immense creative potential, appealing not just to artists but also to writers.

Sicilian Gem

Visiting Catania? Make sure to explore Aci Trezza, a destination steeped in authenticity, myths, and cultural richness. Among the myriad treasures in this region, Aci Trezza stands as one of the best towns in Sicily to visit.

Regarding my photography, I found the results quite satisfying. Aci Trezza offers remarkable photo opportunities, particularly for those seeking to capture the charming essence of a fishing village and the enchanting shores it features.

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