Death Valley Scenic Drive: A Travel Photography Itinerary

Hi there, fellow travel and photography enthusiasts! Today blog post is about a drive through Death Valley, where otherworldly landscapes and extreme conditions create a paradise for photographers seeking unusual shots. Join me as I take you on a journey through the following iconic locations.

Zabriskie Point – Where the Adventure Begins

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Zabriskie Point

The itinerary begins at Zabriskie Point, a place that displays surreal beauty. This location is incredible and the vibrant hues of the rocks will make you think if an artist had splashed a palette of color across the desert canvas. Don’t miss the chance to capture the play of light during sunrise or sunset, I was here during a cloudy day but the textures and layers of the stunning views offered me endless opportunities for my compositions. It’s a photographer dream come true.

Next Stop – Devil’s Golf Course

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Devil’s Golf Course

Venturing deeper into Death Valley, we arrive at Devil’s Golf Course. The jagged salt formations reminded me of a lunar surface. This peculiar salt pan stretches as far as the eye can see and will add a unique touch to your photographs. Just beware! The dry, cracked earth beneath your feet can be quite treacherous.

Badwater Basin – The Lowest Point in North America

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Badwater Basin

Here is where the sky and ground embrace, this vast expanse of salt flats challenges the perception of reality. I’ve visited Death Valley during the winter, when a delicate layer of salt crystals adorns Badwater Basin, transforming it into a magical wonderland. When I was framing the shot above, I wanted to capture the intriguing interplay between sky and earth.

Artist Drive Detour

artist palette death valley
A Colorful Journey

The last part of my Death Valley itinerary is through the colorful Artist Drive. In this area the road winds through canyons with vibrant mineral pigments, every turn is a masterpiece. This geological canvas is definitely a remarkable location with mesmerizing views that will stir the artistic drive of any adventurer or photographer.

Endless Opportunities for Stunning Photography

death valley drive
Adventurous Souls

If you have the chance I highly recommend visiting Death Valley, it’s a remarkable experience that will captivate your senses. Remember, these were my stops from my Death Valley road trip. So, explore, let your passion for adventure run wild and don’t forget to check out my photography prints available at to bring a piece of my journey into your own home.

Are you passionate about photography, seeking artistic inspiration and eager to stay updated with the creative journey?

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