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Hi there and welcome to ClickwithSal, the online destination of my vibrant photography journey. I’m Sal Giudici, a creative photographer raised in Italy, currently residing in the US, and with a great zest for life.

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Photography – Moments to Hold On To

When it comes to original photography, I believe that it’s not just about capturing places or people, but it’s more about freezing a particular moment, including emotions and background stories. It’s safe to say that I see photography as a form of art and personal lifestyle, not just as a profession or career. When I put my subjects in focus, I aim to create photographs that can transport the viewer to that particular moment, a dimension that tells an original story.

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The Trip

Painting The Sky with “The Trip”

If every sunset is an opportunity to reset, here we go the perfect summer capture that can evoke something magical infused with dreamy vibes. Blending colors and emotions can create stunning wall art photography.

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To a Simpler Time..

Spirit of Adventure

I’ve mentioned before about freezing moments, it’s like a step back in time that can convey nostalgia and the craving for simpler times. My travel wall art print “To a Simpler Time..” is available in my page collection and it perfectly communicates the spirit of adventure that lies somewhere within each of us. Hop on board these classic wheels as we travel through the great outdoors and picturesque landscapes, we are going to discover beauty and whimsical inspirations.

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The Right Frequency

Capturing Perfect Balance and Harmony

“The Right Frequency” is a mesmerizing capture. It’s a clear example that photography can tell us a thousand of words without uttering a single syllable. The sensual aesthetic finds solace besides a vintage looking radio, symbolizing a composition with a sense of balance and harmony.

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I’m Sal Giudici, an adventurous photographer based in the Arizona desert. I strive to capture uncommon views that can challenge perspectives and ignite the imagination.

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