Social Media Vs Reality: How Social Media Affects Originality

Let’s discuss social media vs reality: how originality is affected and how conformity is celebrated. My 5th blog post is an eye-opening journey through a world made of clones and filtered facades, a world that can transform artists and photographers into replicas.

Likes, Followers and The Social Media Mirage

social media vs reality
Algorithmic Dreams

Are likes and followers count the most accurate way to measure our worth? Social media platforms lead us to believe that those metrics shape our success. Imagine yourself scrolling through your feed, mesmerized by countless photos of dreamy locations, flawless people and pretentious lifestyles, it feels like their self-worth is determined solely by the need for validation. But here’s a little secret: data provided by through analytics and other legitimate sources, reveals that many actual business clients or potential buyers don’t base their decisions on social media image, most likely they seek a more meaningful connection, as proven by businesses with a smaller following but a loyal customer base.

Cheesy Reels – The Most Instagrammable Places

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The Private Label

I’ve developed my view on this.. if so many photographers and artists in hope for success on a platform, tirelessly follow the same by the book approach, eventually they will end up looking the same. I believe that in photography, originality is a must and certainly it doesn’t come from conforming to the latest trends. Maybe, there’s more to life than pleasing the algorithm’s whims..

The Private Label is an example how social media gurus always follow the trend, it’s a cool western shot but also an humorous play on the famous Prada Marfa installation. I’m always looking for a fresh and original perspective to inspire my photography, a perspective that is able to dribble conformity.

Delusions Boosts

social media validation
Ego Boosts

While these platforms have their downsides, they also have favorable points and they provide a space for a photographer to share their work and connect with who genuinely appreciate it. Personally, I don’t spend too much time on feeds because for the most part it seems a saturated world where everyone looks the same with their seeking-attention behaviors, let’s face it, it’s downright boring. But another girl in bikini, striking the next cool pose arises the question: is she living the dream or trying to keep up with the Joneses?

Influenced, Not Inspired

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Crypto Liars

Scroll, like and repeat.. the narrative of the popular is to look cool, but instead of getting caught up in the social media mirage, meaningful connections with who truly resonate with your artistic vision it’s a different path. Embracing authenticity is the antidote to protect our creativity and individuality. Nietzsche: “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.

These are the thoughts that inspired me for a photo series called “Crypto Liars”.. I wanted to portray the bluffing behind the self-claimed entrepreneurs culture. When cryptocurrencies like dogecoin experienced significant surges, many individuals were lucky enough to ride the wave and then proclaim themselves successful entrepreneurs; why? because it sounds cool and it’s more fascinating than a gambler. Note that the “Crypto Liars” series is something fictional and lighthearted.

Finding Balance in Your Artistic Journey

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Myself Brainstorming Ideas, A Crucial Aspect Of My Photography

As I’ve mentioned before, social media offers an opportunity to share your work and to connect with an audience. Keep in mind that the excessive use of it can become monotonous and uninspiring. I believe is best to prioritize your own artistic ideas without the pressure of what’s trending at that moment. So go ahead and seek inspiration beyond the popular hashtags and ultimate reels, let’s create photography that speaks originality.

Are you passionate about photography, seeking artistic inspiration and eager to stay updated with the creative journey?

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