Inspiring Travel: Through The Lens Of Diana And Ronnie

In the world of travel photography, surpassing the ordinary, Diana and Ronnie, an intrepid photographer duo, have ventured beyond the beaten path, skillfully capturing the essence of unique places and diverse cultures. Their inspiring travel stories have graced the walls of Gallery Canyons, from the vast desert dunes of Mauritania to the lush landscapes of Borneo and everywhere in between.

Unveiling The Unusual

pictures of the sahara desert
Some Sahara

Diana and Ronnie, through their travel photography, offer a view of destinations untouched by mainstream tourism. Their photographs capture their inspiring travels across places like the Sahara desert, the heart of Borneo in Indonesia, and the majestic peaks of the Himalayas in Nepal. Their work portrays exploration and discovery, bringing ancient traditions to life through their evocative photography.

“Some Sahara” was taken in Mauritania during a weeks-long expedition that traversed Algeria, Libya, and Sudan, encompassing a journey through the vast desert dunes and oasis cities.

The Minds Behind The Lens

inspiring travel

Diana and Ronnie are based in the picturesque city of Den Bosch in the Netherlands. With their photography, they invite viewers to witness the beauty of unusual places and diverse cultures.

Diana’s love for black and white photography and yoga mirrors her creative spirit and love for exploration. Her journey began in her formative years, as she sought destinations beyond the confines of traditional travel guides, fostering a unique perspective.

inspiring travel stories

Ronnie, on the other hand, discovered his passion for photography when he conquered his fear of flight in 2003. The purpose of his photos is to capture the essence of disappearing cultures and traditions. His accolades, including Nat Geo and Humanity Photo awards, attest the impact of his work.

Beyond The Lens

Diana and Ronnie’s inspiring travel stories reveal more than just visual experiences; they unfold life-changing journeys that can also act as a catalyst for personal growth. In fact, experiencing different cultures holds the potential to reshape perspectives. Inspirational travel experiences like theirs have the power to motivate others to set forth on their own adventures.

Where Inspiration Meets Exploration

Diana and Ronnie’s work inspires the desire to venture into the unexplored. Their photography is available in their Gallery Canyons prints collection. Their story is a testament to the power of travel and reminds us the words of the medieval traveler, Ibn Battuta: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

To completely immerse yourself in their visual journey, follow Diana and Ronnie on their social media channels:, @dianaputters, and @ronniedankelman. To learn more about their adventures visit

Photo courtesy of Diana and Ronnie

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