Travel To Faroe Islands: Exploring With Photographer Greg Conn

In a recent exchange with Greg Conn, I engaged in an absorbing conversation about his unforgettable travel to Faroe Islands. The Faroe Islands are an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. Let’s dive into the reasons that fueled this fascinating expedition, exploring it through the lens and experiences of a talented photographer.

Why Faroe Islands?

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Greg, traveled from the scorching desert of Arizona to the Faroe Islands via Iceland last June. “Why Faroe Islands?” I asked Greg, ever curious. His choice was influenced by the iconic Windows 95 screensavers that once hypnotized many, including Greg. Additionally, the islands cinematic allure, reminiscent of the backdrop of Peter Pan, added another layer of appeal to his adventure.

Endless Daylight

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The allure was not solely cinematic; what really struck him was the mood since the moment he set foot on this mystical land. Due to the perpetual daylight, a phenomenon unique to this region, Greg found himself hiking at 3 AM, capturing the essence of the Faroe Islands through his lens.

Warmth Amidst Turbulent Tides

Greg described the Faroese people to me as friendly and humble despite the recent tourism backlash. The traditional summer dolphin hunt, known as grindadráp, has garnered adverse publicity, presenting challenges to the local tourism industry. Despite this controversy, Greg discovered that the locals extended warm hospitality.

Faroe Islands Discoveries

gasadalur village faroe islands

Now, let’s uncover some additional interesting facts about the Faroe Islands:

  • Sustainability Powerhouse: Over 50% of their electricity is sourced from renewable energy.
  • Picture This: No point in the Faroe Islands is further than 5 kilometeres (3 miles) away from the sea.
  • Craving Fast Food?: Options are slim in the Faroe Islands, with just two international fast food joints, Burger King and Sunset Boulevard.
  • Nestled in The Atlantic Ocean: The archipelago is formed by 18 islands and numerous smaller ones.
  • Small Town Charm: The Prime Minister’s phone number is casually listed in the phone book!

Visual Chronicles

Greg’s exquisite photos vividly narrate his journey through the untamed beauty and rugged landscapes of these unique islands. Included in this article are photographs of Saksun, a must-see destination for hiking in the Faroe Islands, and Gasadalur, which holds a fascinating story. Greg learned about this secluded boat-docking village with only 11 residents in 2020. Today, its vacant homes echo stories of a postman’s arduous mountain trek for mail delivery.

To explore further Greg Conn’s inspiring captures, follow him on social media or visit his photography prints collection at Gallery Canyons.

Photo courtesy of Greg Conn Photography

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