No Artist Tolerates Reality: Leaving The Mundane Behind

“No artist tolerates reality.” The eloquent statement by Nietzsche grabs our curiosity, and let us dive into an unconventional voyage. We are about to find a connection between pixels and philosophy, where the creative journey follows your rules, and the ordinary takes a backseat to the artistic rebellion.

Challenging Society’s Norms

no artist tolerates reality
A Playful Jab at The Mass Society

Our thoughts become our lenses, they are the tools to debunk the consumer-driven tales. This sentiment resonates with finding your own signature as a photographer. When a photo tells a story and see the world with a philosophical depth, it represents a portal to the artists reality, where the artist is the captain of this quirky ship. Through my lenses I design narratives that challenges the existing condition and invites viewers to question the world around them. “I live for myself and answer to nobody” Steve Mcqueen’s famous words, summarize the artist’s defiance against reality: No artist settles for the mundane.

Crafting Individuality

Just as a painter wields a brush, the photographer wields a camera, capturing a journey that is not about becoming followers and conforming, but about researching an identity. So it’s not about fitting in, it’s about standing out. It’s a process to cultivate your own style with true confidence. Our artist wants to liberate himself from the confines of bigotry and expectations. He is a creator, so he doesn’t follow the well-worn path, but he steps into his own unique light.

Mastering Your Creative Narrative

boat lover gift
Reality Can Be as Vibrant as Your Imagination

Let’s not forget that this creative journey is a photographer’s film, every angle and every detail is part of the script. Our artist is not just the protagonist but also the director of the movie. But wait, there’s more! Feedback from fellow artists and trusted confidantes is gold, as long you remember, you hold the final paintbrush stroke. The photo above portrays “a wonderful day”. It’s not just a day; it’s an escape from reality. Much like Nietzsche’s quotation, I’ve chosen to navigate in my own direction, following my vision and leaving the ordinary behind.

Painting Stories

vinyl record art
33 and a Half RPM

Imagine stumbling upon my “no artist tolerates reality” article on a regular weeknight. But let’s no confine this moment to just another day on the calendar. Envision it as a rendezvous with creativity, a breakout from banality. As the vinyl spins ideas, the night takes on a new meaning. Now, that woman is the inspiration, inviting you to join her in escaping the confines of everyday.

Escape The Ordinary

dreamy artwork
The Trip

Let’s talk mindset, the creative journey is finely tuned to embrace originality. Albert Camus comprehended the essence of this concept in his work “The Rebel”. In fact, he echoed Nietzsche’s sentiment. I find his excerpt resonating deeply with my visual realm. At the end of another day rests a sunset of infinite possibilities, the artist has the choice to embrace imagination, transforming something repetitive into the majestic.


“No artist tolerates reality”, Nietzsche’s words serve as the manifesto guiding your journey as an artist photographer. We rewrite the script, choosing the path of creativity and rejecting the limitations imposed by the ordinary. Within these parameters, photography transcends mere images, it revamps into a medium for reshaping boundaries and narratives.

Let your lens be the key that unlocks the door to creative talent with a touch of rebelliousness. So go forth, and remember, no artist settles for reality monochrome canvas.

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I’m Sal Giudici, an adventurous photographer based in the Arizona desert. I strive to capture uncommon views that can challenge perspectives and ignite the imagination.

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