Bisbee To Tombstone: Colors, Cowboys, And History

Venturing through the Sonoran Desert, the drive from Bisbee to Tombstone proves to be well worth it. These two historic towns nestled in southern Arizona exude charm, embodying the wild west spirit and presenting excellent opportunities for a photographic adventure.


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Nestled in the Mule Mountains, Bisbee is a time capsule reminiscent of the mining boomtowns of the 1880s. The historic town boasts narrow streets adorned with Victorian architecture. Personally, I discovered Bisbee to exude charm, particularly when set against the backdrop of the vibrant mountains and colorful homes. While driving around, my desire to capture this unique blend from an elevated vantage point intensified. The cold winter day had bestowed a soft blanket of snow, elevating the picturesque look of the photos even further.


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“The Town Too Tough to Die” is just a 25-minute drive from Bisbee. Tombstone stands as an iconic settlement that preserves the spirit of frontier life with bold strokes of American folklore. Within its historic confines, you’ll encounter iconic scenes of the Wild West, from the legendary O.K. Corral to the haunting whispers within the Bird Cage Theater and the infamous Boot Hill Cemetery.

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During my time in Tombstone, I had the unique pleasure of collaborating with local cowboys for a photoshoot. As we strolled through the historic streets, they shared ghostly tales, vividly painting a picture of the days when the West was wild.

The Scenic Route

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On the drive from Bisbee to Tombstone, the landscape unfolds like a carefully crafted film set. It’s a seamless transition from the rugged charm of Bisbee to the western streets of Tombstone. Each turn offers further proof of how Arizona can be genuinely scenic and inspiring; a fortunate place for both photographers and artists.

Photography Goals

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In Bisbee, my photographic goal was to capture the unique blends of colors and the harmony between the town and nature. It felt like a very peaceful place, and every street seemed like a stroke from an artist’s brush.

As mentioned above, in Tombstone, I had the privilege of collaborating with local cowboys. This made my visit definitely more interesting and added a more authentic touch to my photography, as I aimed to convey the town’s vibe and essence.

The Journey Continues

As my camera clicked and the stories unfolded, the journey from Bisbee to Tombstone became a connection with Arizona’s heritage, and a meeting with locals whose tales added depth to each photograph.

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