northern lights in arizona

Northern Lights Arizona: Captured By Local Nature Photographer

Arizona nature photographer Greg Conn captured the Northern Lights shimmering over the Four Peaks Wilderness area..

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Bisbee to tombstone

Bisbee To Tombstone: Colors, Cowboys, And History

Venturing through the Sonoran Desert, the drive from Bisbee to Tombstone proves to be..

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is traveling a hobby

Is Traveling A Hobby? Exploring The World Through Photography

Would you classify traveling as a hobby, interest, or adventure? It can cover all these aspects while also exploring..

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Aci Trezza Sicily: Sea Stacks And Maritime Myths

Salty sea breezes and sun-kissed afternoons marked the end of summer when I found myself captivated by a Sicilian town..

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Greg Conn photography

Travel To Faroe Islands: Exploring With Photographer Greg Conn

In a recent exchange with Greg, I engaged in an absorbing conversation about his unforgettable travel..

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sahara desert photos

Inspiring Travel: Through The Lens Of Diana And Ronnie

In the world go travel photography, surpassing the ordinary, Diana and Ronnie, an intrepid photographer duo..

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hikes in scottsdale

Hikes In Scottsdale: The 3 Top Trails You Can’t Miss

Scottsdale, Arizona, is a place that I call home. Besides the “dry heat” (an acquired taste, I must say!), what keeps me in this area is..

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Isla Ibiza

Isla Ibiza: Beyond Beaches And Beats

Our journey this time takes us to Isla Ibiza, often referred to as the stunning “White Island” in the Mediterranean. Allow me to share..

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things to do at lax

Things To Do At LAX: Layover Hours To Beach Bliss

Do you know what a traveler’s equivalent of purgatory is? It must be the dreaded airport layover. This past summer during..

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pictures of jerome arizona

Phoenix To Jerome: An Arizona Adventure Worth Taking

If you ever happen to be in Phoenix, and you are looking for a day trip to a place with a cool personality consider..

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valley of fire scenic drive

Valley Of Fire Scenic Drive: Roadside Wonders Near Las Vegas

If you’re seeking a day tour away from the glitzy neon lights of Las Vegas, consider the picturesque Valley of Fire scenic drive..

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Palm Springs print

Palm Springs Photo Spots: A Photographer’s Oasis

Welcome to Palm Springs, a popular resort city in the southern California desert. This selective photo spots tour will highlight..

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death valley drive

Death Valley Scenic Drive: A Travel Photography Itinerary

Hi there, fellow travel and photography enthusiasts! Today blog is about Death Valley, where otherworldly landscapes and extreme conditions..

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salton sea now

Hidden California: Visiting The Salton Sea

Today we explore the fascinating blend of beauty and disaster. A hidden story that sparks curiosity, a place where..

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About Sal

I’m Sal Giudici, an adventurous photographer based in the Arizona desert. I strive to capture uncommon views that can challenge perspectives and ignite the imagination.

photography images

A Photographer’s Journey: Exploring The Inspiring Southwestern Desert

Hi there, photography enthusiasts and photography lovers! My second blog entry is about the inspiring scenery of..

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